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Different Types of Speakers

You can find a long range of speakers available in the market. Some speakers are meant for personal use, some are for household use and some are meant for professional use. Sometimes people are not aware of the types of speakers and they think any speaker can be used for any purpose. But this is not the case. To go with the best speaker brands, you should know about the different types of speakers available in the market.

Loudspeakers are used for outdoor purposes and small speakers are used for indoor purposes. There are small pocket-size speakers which are used for personal use and can be carried anywhere, therefore portable which can be connected through Bluetooth. Like this, there is a long range of different types of speakers.

Different Types of Speakers


These speakers are the most commonly found devices in the market. Basically, they are passive speakers with one woofer driver which helps in producing low-frequency sound.


These types of speakers are found mainly along with the set of dynamic speakers. However, they need to be connected with other main speakers to work properly. They are known as one driver dynamic speakers that contain a single woofer driver for enhanced bass which gives more strong music to listen to.


A traditional type of speaker has a driver similar to the driver which is there in dynamics speakers and these are arranged in cone type structure end. This is the best feature to use in larger areas for more efficient sound.

Planar Magnetic

These speakers do not need an electrical system. In planar magnetic speakers, the sound waves are generated by magnets, and the current passing through the narrow metal ribbon.

Computer Speakers

As the name suggests, these speakers are attached to computers or laptops. However, there are built-in speakers on the computer or laptop, but for the enhanced and good quality sound, these speakers are attached to them externally. These can be attached with the headphone port, USB port, or via Bluetooth with the computer or laptop.

Portable Speakers

There are mini speakers that can be connected through Bluetooth with your phone or laptop. These are portable speakers which you can carry with you anywhere you go and enjoy the music.

This is all about the types of that you should know to get the best speaker brands for an awesome music experience. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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