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Different Types of Schema

Schemas are nothing more than the codes that are embedded in the website’s backend. Such schemes can help users access additional content information. You may also use these schemas to place at the top of the result page. There are different types of schema and some of those have been listed below.

Different Types of Schema:

Schema For Articles:

Article Schema is another form of schema most bloggers use when they have a new article to write, as well as news websites or bloggers. This scheme is very useful as this allows google bots or the search engines to evaluate and understand what the content is all about and can also help you rank. This schema shows a little posting description, when it was posted, and more.

Schema for Products:

Service and Offer Schema is another form of schema that is used by many business organizations that offer goods or services of some sort. Under the link of that particular article, this schema appears all the important data was placed up including the product name, its price, and more. This form of the schema is used primarily when a new product is being introduced.

Schema for People:

Person Schema is another wonderful schema that is used when a person and specifically a famous personality are linked to the details. This schema will elaborate on the specifics of the individual, such as their name, family members, date of birth, major achievements or the work they have done, and more with picture forex, Virat Kohli, type and get the information on the top right.

Schema for Business:

Local Business Schema is also one of the highly recommended and used schema forms that is mainly designed to allow users to find the essential details of the local business or restaurant such as venue, address, menu, contact information, pictures, and much more. This form of the schema is really useful for users who want to find you.

Schema for Organization:

Enterprise schema is one of the most essential structures much of the enterprise is using. This scheme shows details such as company intro, their brand logo, if present social media accounts, company location, and more. For eg, you can find all the required details at the top right of SERP when you visit the google page and type apple.

So, these are some of the different types of schema. There are a few other types of Schema as well but the ones mentioned here are the most popular. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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