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Best Robotics Companies In India

Are you looking for some of the robotics companies in India? If yes then let me tell you are in right place in this content we will mention some of the best companies which are doing well when it comes to robotic and technology.

The institution of the Massachusetts Institute of technology and Robotics (CAIR) in Bangalore in 1986 marked the start of India’s nanotechnology era; the automotive sector has never gone twice after. Although India is lagging behind with the step in comparison with the advanced countries, robotics had already managed to carve out a niche throughout the nation’s economy.

Indeed it has emerged among the most exciting and fastest-growing inventions of all time in India. It took almost all labor-intensive industries through surprise by providing easy and inexpensive product registration for repetitive or demanding activities. Below we have mentioned some of the robotics companies in India.

  1. Fanuc India

FANUC INDIA Private Limited, a parent company of FANUC CORPORATION, to head office in Bangalore, was founded in 1993. Fanuc was its world’s pioneer in automation systems for factories. Fanuc has a broad manufacturing range, from specific devices to the setting up of whole manufacturing plants.

  1. Invento Robotics

Invento Robotics were created in the year 2016 by Balaji Viswanathan. It specializes in developing humanoid robots that interact with the public. Thanks to its new development, Invento just hit the news — a 5-feet-tall human robot named ‘Mitra.’ Mitra would be quite a beauty with a range of unique features such as facial identification, speech recognition, situational assistance and navigation systems.

  1. ASIMOV Ribotics

In fields such as robotic modeling and regulation, ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd is recognized for its management software; artificial vision; augmented reality; and navigation. Its wide variety of services includes Cool Arm tricksters, X-Terra smartphone Robots, APSRA Service Robots, Lamarck Humanoid Robots, Dexter Finger velcro strap and so forth.

So, the above-mentioned content is all aboutrobotics companies in India. If you have liked our content then make sure you have comment down you feedback and thank you so much for reading.

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